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  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Hand Blown Glass Dressed Collectible Hippo Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration
  • Unique Whimsical Hand Painted Hippo Wearing a Red Dress with Red, Green and White Peppermint Stripe Details
  • Fun Limited Edition Hippo Ornament Wearing a Pearl Necklace and Peppermint Stripe Bloomers and Head Bow
  • 6.25″

The Tina Story

Meet our sweet hippo Tina,

she is an agile quick witted fast learner,

who was once an aspiring actress and ballerina.

Tina could twirl and land on spots as small as a peanut,

and sang with perfect pitch; there was no one was dreamier.

Her acting skills brought people to tears and laughing like hyenas,

but she gave up her life in the theater,

to pursue her talents in another arena.

For one day she awoke in a fervor,

a change was occurring in her demeanor,

and she feared for her future,

for she was becoming a rather large diva.

The truth had never been clearer.

Her love of performing would grow dearer and dearer,

the thrill from applause would grow sweeter and sweeter,

and fame from her rising star would grow nearer and nearer,

but she would not love what she saw in the mirror.

With the clarity of an epiphany she had an idea,

she should become some sort of cheerleader,

life coach, or tea leaf reader.

In the end she became a legendary school teacher.

No one has ever been more dedicated, beloved or sweeter.